The Cactus and Succulent Society of America (CSSA), founded in 1929, is a worldwide community of avid gardeners, hobby and commercial horticulturists, nurserymen, and professional scientists who all share an appreciation for cacti and other types of succulent plants.
The objectives of the Society are reflected in our Mission Statement

  • Journal Vol 86-3

    May-June 2014

    • In the shade of the mopane: Ledebouria in Namibia
    • Succulent riches of Baja California’s Colonet MesadylaN o. BurGe
    • The succulent garden of the Botanical Garden of the University of Porto, Portugal GIdeoN F. SmITh & eSTrela
    • 6 Corynopuntia confusion
      PeTer BreSlIN
    • Polianthes pringlei Rose (Agavaceae)mIGuel ChaZaro-BaSaÑeZ, reNe ramoS-VIllarrreal & raul loPeZ-VelaZQueZ
    • A (very) short primer on Phylogenetic Systematics & using DNA to classify taxa based on common ancestry
      mIChael a. wISNeV
    • Superb Succulents
      duke BeNadom